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What is the difference between limit order, stop order and stop limit order?

I want to set a stop loss for my options and stock position at $X price. Which type of order should i use?

Any help / reading materials on order types will be helpful. Thank you in advance

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1st December 2022 Market Update


JOLTS dropped last month in October, but the labour market remains historically tight despite the Federal Reserve's efforts to cool demand and bring down inflation.

**Down from 10.7 million in September to 10.3 million in October


The US economy grew an annualised 2.9% on quarter in Q3

**Beat forecasts of 2.7%

**Beat the previous real GDP of 2.6%

Also, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell provided a clear signal that the central bank is on track to raise interest rates by a half percentage point at its next meeting, stepping down from an unprecedented series of four 0.75-point rate rises aimed at combating high inflation.

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请问如果p/s ratio=share price / revenue per share.内在价值=p/s ratio avg(past three year) times revenue per share.那么我可以当做ps ratio avg=share price/revenue per share(past three year)吗?


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Where and how can we evalutate company fundsmental is still strong under current market sentiment? Business Q-Q revenue/balance sheet/cash are decreasing. Any advise what are other key matrix we should be concern in order to stay convicted?

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